PerformNetworks is currently involved in different research projects both European and national. Some of the projects which it is has been involved are described in the section bellow.

European Projects

  • Fed4Fire (Federation for future internet research and experimentation), is an Integrating Project under the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) addressing the topic Future Internet Research and Experimentation. The project comprises a consortium of 17 partner organizations from 8 countries, and is coordinated by iMinds, Belgium. It started in October 2012 and will run for 48 months, until the end of September 2016. Fed4FIRE has received funding from the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) under grant agreement number 318389.
  • FLEX (FIRE LTE testbeds for open experimentation) provides an experimentation environment that features both open-source platforms and configurable commercial equipment that span macro-cell, pico-cell and small-cell setups. FLEX has been built upon current FIRE testbed management and experiment control tools which have been extended to provide support for new LTE components, developing specialized monitoring tools and methodologies.
  • Triangle (5G applications and devices benchmarking). The focus of TRIANGLE is the development of a framework that facilitates the evaluation of the QoE of new mobile applications, services and devices designed to operate in the future 5G mobile broadband networks. The framework will exploit existing FIRE facilities, adding new facilities when necessary.
  • Q4Health (Quality of service and prioritization for emergency services in the LTE RAN stack) is focused on the optimization of real time video for emergency services over LTE. The project is being implemented as a set of experiments conducted over the FIRE platforms PerformLTE and OpenAirInterface. The motivation is to study video performance in scenarios with wearable live video for first responders, improving its response on LTE-A with a particular innovation focus on 3GPP release 12.

National Projects

  • WiTLE this research project covers the design and development of different tools and components to accelerate the time to market of 4G mobile communication systems.
  • 4Green a research project aiming to provide solutions that contribute to reducing energy consumption in 4th generation mobile user equipment.
  • Tecrail (LTE communication technologies for automatic driving and control of railways)  is a research project concerning the requirements needed to met to rollout LTE to transport railway signaling. The main objective is to evaluate of LTE as a replacement for GSM-R in ERTMS systems. The principal results for our team have been the implementation of a small core network and the execution of a live pilot with trains and a network deployment on track, testing the novel concepts of the project.
  • SIGO (Innovative solutions for pre-5G communications) is a project which aims to generate a network emulator for pre-5G technologies, a performance measurement system to covers M2M, V2V and other scenarios, a tool to simulate IoT over HetNets environments and the integration of a WebRTC architecture in an IMS operator network.